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IRAQ: Hidden Cultures

Inside A Forgotten Culture

In April of 2023 the HASAN field team will take part in a three week mission to Iraq to document underserved and at risk minority communities.  HASAN is proud to be team up with Iraqi human rites activists Saad Salloum and Mirza Dannayi in an effort to give a platform to the  Kaka’i, Mandaean, Afro-Iraqi, Maʻdān, Baháʼí, Assyrian,  and Kosanzana Sufi communities.

Many of these groups have suffered major losses in recent years at the hands of IS (Islamic State).  Those groups who were not targeted directly for genocide still lost important elements of cultural heritage and community. This project will work to celebrate and protect cultural and religious freedom in Iraq and showcase these beautiful communities to the world. 
All documented materials will be assembled into a feature length documentary A Garden In Sinjar.  HASAN will host public screenings and community based programming in both Iraq and the United States.  

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